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A check out is carried out on the last day of a tenancy. A trained clerk from Paramount Inventory Services will carry out a comprehensive assessment of the property against the original inventory and check in reports.

A thorough report will be compiled commenting on any discrepancies and changed in the condition and cleanliness of the property and it’s contents. The report will also ascribe responsibility for any dilapidations, damage, missing items/additions and cleaning, whilst allowing for fair wear and tear.

Any urgent maintenance/cleanliness issues will be reported to the agent or landlord straight away.

Our Check Out process includes:

  • A thorough assessment of the property against the inventory whilst assigning responsibility for any damage, missing items and cleaning
  • A list of forwarding addresses for the tenants
  • A schedule of condition which reports on the cleanliness and general condition will be agreed and signed by the tenant
  • Utility meter readings
  • Full list of keys handed back, documented and photographed
  • Full color photographic evidence