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Paramount Inventory Services is an established company specialising in inventory services for landlords and agents.

We have designed our services in line with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (2007), which will protect landlords/tenants and help prevent any disputes over deposits.

Paramount Inventory Services provide professional and comprehensive inventory reports, check-ins and check-outs along with photographic evidence.

Studio £100
1 bedrooms £115
2 bedrooms £125
3 bedrooms £140
4 bedrooms £160
5 bedrooms £POA

*All prices quoted are excluding VAT.

Commercial inventory

Similar to the residential inventory this is a legal document that records and lists in a methodical and detailed way, the condition of a commercial property, its rooms, offices, welfare areas, fixtures and contents.

This includes digital photography and in some cases digital video to record and document specific areas of significance.Meter readings are also documented at the time of the inspection.

The document is then a record of any future changes, be it deterioration, damage or dilapidation’s that may happen over the period of the tenancy.

The Inventory should be carried out shortly before the commencement of a Tenancy, having all prior works such as cleaning, remedial, safety checks, EPCs (energy efficiency cert) and Gas Safety Certificates, completed before the inventory make.

What type of commercial properties?

Our commercial inventory service covers a range of commercial premises as listed below

  • Serviced Offices.
  • Offices, single & blocks.
  • Small industrial.
  • Public houses.
  • Clubs
  • Pubs
  • Food stores

Commercial Inventory Prices

Our quotes are based on the information provided to us at the time. We can carry out a site visit for a more thorough quote.


Why do I need an Inventory?

With the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme in April 2007, all landlords are now required to provide an explanation for any deductions from deposits. Landlords are strongly advised to have a comprehensive, independent inventory compiled which can provide justification for deducting costs from deposits as well as avoiding any disputes at the end of the tenancy.

Why use an Independent Inventory Company?

Should there be a dispute over the deposit at the end of a tenancy and the issue is referred to dispute resolution, the adjudicator are unlikely to consider an unprofessional, insufficient document and will more than likely automatically find in favour of the tenant.

A comprehensive report compiled by an Independent Inventory Clerk is the best way to ensure a fair and accurate representation of your property is provided.

Our Inventory Clerks are thorough, unbiased and will notice things that most landlords, tenants and lettings agents often miss.